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Electric Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Deep Facial Cleansing and Skin Care

Electric Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Deep Facial Cleansing and Skin Care

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The Electric Blackhead Remover Vacuum Acne Cleaner is a professional-grade skin care tool designed to effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, makeup residue, acne, and pimples without causing any harm or irritation to the skin.

It utilizes innovative upgraded vacuum absorption technology to provide super strong suction, making it easy to achieve deep cleansing and pore purification. With its adjustable suction levels and interchangeable suction heads, this device is suitable for all skin types and can be used on different areas of the face, allowing for a customized and personalized cleaning experience.

Here are the key features of the Electric Blackhead Remover Vacuum Acne Cleaner:

1. Safe and Effective: The vacuum suction technology ensures a powerful yet gentle removal of impurities from the skin, without causing any pain or side effects. 2. Multipurpose Application: With 3 adjustable suction levels and 5 interchangeable suction heads, this device can cater to various skin types and address different skin concerns. 3. Easy Operation: The user-friendly button control allows for easy power on/off and switching of suction modes, making it convenient to use. 4. Stable Power Performance: The built-in rechargeable battery can be easily powered through USB charging, providing a reliable and consistent power supply. 5. Reliable Quality: The ergonomic design and high-quality ABS material make this device comfortable to hold and durable for long-term use.

Specifications: - Material: ABS - Shell Color: White+Gold - Power Input: 5V/1A - Power: 3W - Product Size: 4.2x5x16.5cm Package Included: - 1 x Vacuum Electric Blackhead Remover Cleaner (Main Unit) - 5 x Replaceable Suction Head - 1 x USB Cable - 4 x Pimple Pin Note: Please avoid staying in one place for more than 3 seconds to prevent any skin discoloration.

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