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Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Lotus Helpful for Meditation

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Lotus Helpful for Meditation

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• Unique Design :The Lotus design of the singing bowls adds a unique touch to your meditation practice.


• Chakra Healing :The singing bowls can help balance your chakras, promoting overall well-being.


• Relaxation and Stress Relief :The singing bowls can help relieve stress and promote relaxation, making them perfect for busy lives.


• Mindfulness and Prayer :The singing bowls can be used for mindfulness practice and prayer, deepening your spiritual connection.



1. Widely application

2. Clean and sanitary

3. Durablehigh-quality materialease of use

4. Handmade

5. Quality materials

6. Wonderful sound

7. Relax your mind5. Relaxes the eye area


Size: 3.3"

Package includes:

3.3" Handmade Meditation Bowl x 1, Hand-sewn Silk Cushion x 1, Mallet covered with leather x 1

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